How to Prepare for a Long-Distance Move

Preparing to move long distance can be stressful and often overwhelming. We provide professional moving services that free you of the worry and concerns that long-distance moving causes. Our decades of moving experience allow us to quickly plan your move so that you can focus on other priorities. Since relocating across state-lines require interstate licensing, our movers are licensed with the Department of Transportation and hold valid certifications for operating moving equipment and driving our modern moving trucks. The teams we send to your home arrive on time, in uniforms, and go the extra mile to secure your belongings, so no damage occurs.

At American Long Distance Moving and Storage, our long-distance moving services are completed by a professional staff and operate under a supervisor who oversees the entire moving process. When planning a sizeable move, it is essential to consider how much time will be required to get your home and valuables packed and moved safely to the destination. Your valuables are valuable to us.

Tips for Cross Country Relocation

We pride ourselves on completing successful moves where everything arrives on time and in perfect condition. The most common time-consuming tasks often involve organizing and packing. We remind our customers not to forget certain items as they are frequently overlooked:

  • Patio furniture, outdoor coverings for pools, hot tubs, or furniture 
  • BBQ’s
  • Children’s swing sets, bikes, playhouses, and other large toys
  • Sheds empty or full 
  • Large planters and gardening equipment, lawnmowers
  • Pet houses, cat trees

The preparations to move a household promptly starts when you connect with one of our long-distance moving experts. Our moving specialists are available to help book an appointment and answer all your questions about your move. Rest assured that we will always accommodate all requests for extra care to ensure your cherished mementos and keepsakes are handled gently.

Our years of experience completing long-distance moves means our moving teams are also very experienced in moving large and heavy furniture that includes: Pianos, motorcycles, expensive saws, and tools, solid wood, or brass furniture, as well as automobiles, treadmills, large vanity’s, iron rod patio furniture, pool tables and more. We are expert relocating professionals, and we will assess your move in a short walkthrough of your home or over the phone. First, to set up an appointment with our moving team, call one of our representatives to begin the process and arrange dates that meet your plans and schedule.

Find The Best Interstate Movers

Our customers appreciate our guidance on how many boxes your home will require and the time it takes to pack, how to pack, and what the loading process is like. Our long-distance moving representatives also make your budget requirements a priority. For long-distance relocation, our focus is on protecting your belongings and quality of service.

We guarantee that your move goes smoothly and safely, is cost-effective, and that your property arrives on time and free of any damage. No matter how far you are moving, we have got you covered from the beginning to the end of your new destination. Our long-distance moving representatives will not only provide you reliable information about cost, timeframes and answer any questions you have; they will also make recommendations about routes, stops, and other factors that people often forget to prepare for like current road construction, climate, and best times of the year to move.